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Shoreline Massage Therapy: Deep Tissue, Therapeutic and Pregnancy Massage Services in Shoreline and North Seattle
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Seattle therapeutic massge, deep tissue massage and chair massage in North Seattle and Shoreline, WA - Living Massage

Seattle Massage Services and Pricing


Pregnancy Massage

$70.00 / 60 minutes
$100.00 / 90 minutes

Prenatal massage is to help ease any discomfort of the expectant mother and promote healthy fetal development. Each appointment is an opportunity to focus on decreasing swelling, pain or tension associated with the mother's changing body. Read more....

Therapeutic/Swedish Massage

$70.00 / 60 minutes
$100.00 / 90 minutes

The most widely recognized massage and the foundation of many other massage styles. This massage uses a variety of strokes to improve circulation, increase range of motion and decrease tension throughout the entire body.

Deep Tissue

$75.00 / 60 minutes
$110.00 / 90 minutes

This style of massage  is done at a slower pace, and at more depth than Swedish massage. Using the most focused breath work, the effects can be felt longer after the session is over. The techniques are also aimed at more underlying structures allowing for a greater decrease in muscular tension.

Medical Massage

$70.00 / 50 minutes
$195 / 3 Sessions

These appointments are designed to decrease pain, increase range of motion and improve the functioning of soft tissue after a recent or chronic injury. Read more...

Natural Hot Stone

$93.00 / 75 minutes

A soothing full body massage done with hot stones to bring more heat into tense muscles. Warm oil infused with either invigorating or relaxing essential oils penetrate the skin as heat from the rocks melts deep into your muscles leaving you feeling relaxed and grounded. This is the perfect treatment for ultimate warmth and relaxation in the winter months.

Natural Hot Stone/Deep Tissue Hybrid Session

$115.00 / 90 minutes

An ideal combination for extreme relaxation and immediate relief from tired or stressed muscles. Moist heat from basalt stones penetrate to the deeper layers of tissue while the Deep Tissue treatment helps re-align, de-stress and balance out the weariest of bodies. Aromatherapy can/will be used if desired to facilitate increased energy, relaxation or health of the tissue.


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